September 22, 2004

Random News

Well it looks like we need some news, cause the front page is empty.
Addict projects are going well, Road is helping me w/ some Units for <a href="/projects/04.php">Emonds Field</a>. If you haven't seen it, you should check it out.

Jagman is working on <a href="'s%20uploads/">Myth+</a>. Its quite fun if i do say so myself. Hard to describe, so just give it a try.

I've also updated the <a href="/coops.php">Coops</a> Section. It now has a lot more descriptions, and gives you the opportunity to download most of the files from <a href="">The-Package</a>, because they have much quicker speeds than me.

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You may want to double-check that link to Myth +... It's not linking to anything for me.



Myth in between.

Posted by: Sigi at January 8, 2005 21:19:57
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