May 8, 2006

Warriors of Myth

The Warrior is by far my favorite Myth Unit. I mean come on, how cool would it be to walk around in chain mail with a sword and shield. Everyone wants to. So why does the warrior suck in Myth? Because Bungie crippled the Warrior.

Think about it. If you were going into battle in the days of bows and swords you can bet you'd wanna go in with armor. Not a freaking loincloth but some real armor. Ever play an RPG? You start out in crappy rags, and as you go thru the game you get armor to protect your unit. It just makes sense.

Lets compare the Warrior to the Berserk? Anyone who's played myth knows the zerk is by far the superior unit and would easily win Head to head. But what makes the Berserk better? Lets open up fear and compare a few differences and similarities.
<ul><li>Warrior's attributes<ul><li>Vitality: 5.5</li><li>Effect modifiers 1.0 for all</li><li>Base Speed .033</li><li>Damage 0.5 to 0.547</li><li>Recovery Time 0.1</li><li>Special Attributes: Can block</li></ul></li><li>Berserk's attributes<ul><li>Vitality: 5.5</li><li>Effect modifiers 0.5 for Paralysis 1.0 for the rest</li><li>Base Speed .045</li><li>Damage 0.547 to 0.648</li><li>Recovery Time 0.0</li><li>Special Attributes: Experience proportional to Damage</li></ul></li></ul>
Most of the rest of the attributes are the same. I showed vitality to emphasize they have the same health. 2 molotov's will kill a zerk as easily as a warrior.

There are a few things that make sense to me. Since  the berserk has no armor it makes sense that he moves faster and even has less recovery time. The berserk has a huge claymore so it would be expected that he does more damage. Experience proportional to damage is due to the berserks crazy nature.  I can accept all that.

But look at those effect modifiers. The warrior has 1.0 for slashing and all other types of damage, while the berserk has  0.5 for paralysis and 1.0 for slashing and all other types of damage. I mentioned slashing for a reason. Sure the warrior has the ability to block and that explains his shield, but what about his chain mail? It isn't made of plastic is it? Wouldn't it make sense that slashing damage would be less for someone with armor than someone without?

Slashing isn't the only damage that would be lessened by wearing chian mail. Kinetic maybe? If I hit you with a rock or a bat your surely gonna wish you had some protection. It may not be as much protection as against a blade, but it should still help. I would even say the armor should protect against paralysis because the ghast or wight isn't actually touching the skin most of the time, they are touching the armor.

Now there should be offsets. Being clad in metal should make you a great conduit for electricity. Pump up the electrical damage then. Fire also could be worse, as superheated metal isn't good for anyones skin.  I would guess Explosive, Stone, Gas, and Confusion damage types would all be unaffected by the armor.

How do I think effect Modifiers should be? Something like this.
<ul><li>Warrior<ul><li>Slashing damage: 0.5</li><li>Kinetic damage: 0.6</li><li>Explosive damage: 1.0</li><li>Electrical damage: 1.5</li><li>Fire damage: 1.2</li><li>Paralysis: 0.8</li><li>Stone: 1.0</li><li>Gas damage: 1.0 </li><li>Confusion: 1.0</li></ul></li><li>Berserk<ul><li>All Damage Types: 1.0</li></ul></li></ul>

Does it make a difference? Lets see.

16 regular warriors vs 9 stygs.

16 of my warriors vs 9 stygs.

16 regular warriors vs 9 zerks.

16 of my warriors vs 9 zerks.

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