August 14, 2004

New Member

I'd just like to welcome Sigimund as the Newest member of Myth Addicts.

He makes a great addition by being a surefire Addict, as well as a cool guy.

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That pretty much completes our Deer Members list :D
I woulda traded 6 Danny boys for Sigi

Posted by: Road at January 8, 2005 20:38:27
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Another good old schooler from Deer to join us :D

Posted by: Road at January 8, 2005 20:37:26
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Wow, I gotta check this page more often ;) Thanks for the welcome, guys. It's nice to once again be in a clan with more than two active members! However, you'll have to be patient with me, I'm going back to school and won't be able to access pmnet for abo

Posted by: Sigi at January 8, 2005 20:37:03
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