June 24, 2004

FlyingFlip Releases Myth III v1.3

From the PlayMyth Website:

FlyingFlip Studios is proud to announce the release of Myth III v1.3 for Apple Macintosh OS X and Windows PC platforms. FlyingFlip was founded in January of 2004 with the sole purpose of providing support and development of the Myth III game and it's engine. The goal is to provide a solid foundation for the enjoyment of the Myth-style Real-Time Strategy game system.

This update addresses key problems present since the original release in October of 2001. Over 70 specific gameplay and stability issues have been addressed in this edition of Myth III. Some of these issues include:

<li> Improved visual effects graphics</li>
<li> Unit balance adjustments</li>
<li> A reliable plugin system for third party unit sets and creations</li>
<li> Added support for wide-screen monitors.</li>
<li> Added the ability to sketch strategy diagrams on in-game overhead map.</li>
<li> Added the ability to scale the size of the overhead map.</li>
<li> Water ripple disturbances now drawn at proper elevations.</li>
<li> Added the ability to view game films.</li>
<li> Added ability to see players present in a film during film playback selection.</li>
<li> Metaserver lobby input lag dramatically improved. </li>
<li> Re-Introduction of the classic Creep On The Borderlands map. </li>

In addition to the release of the updated Myth III game are updates to the most popular third party add-ons for Myth III. Both the Myth Classic Map Pack and the Creation Map Pack have been updated to version 2.5. Many balance and game-play and general issues have been addressed and corrected. We encourage all Myth III players to download these map-pack updates while getting their Myth III updates!

The updates to Myth III can be downloaded from the FlyingFlip.com web site by going to: <a href="http://www.flyingflip.com/downloads.pig">http://www.flyingflip.com/downloads.pig</a>. These updates will also be available on the DVD Subscription service from InsideMacGames.com.

This update is being released ahead of the Myth III project titled Legions of Destiny. This project is a stand-alone game based on the Myth III engine and will bring new innovations in effects, stability and game play for those who enjoy the Myth III realm of game play

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