June 1, 2004

Site Recap

Last month a bunch of things happened.

This page is no longer the personal webpage of Tarous Zars, but is now the home to the Myth Addict Clan.

We added a new projects section showing some of the work we have done, or are working on. Including <a href="/projects/02.php">Heroes of Coop</a>, <a href="/projects/01.php">Save Willow Creek</a>, and Roads <a href="/projects/03.php">WWII Propack</a>.

The <a href="/about.php">about</a> section now features profiles of some of our members, we are working on getting profiles for everyone (If you are a MythAddict, and you don't have a profile up, Send an email to <a href="mailto:mike@atvcowboy.com">mike@atvcowboy.com</a>).

Thats all for now.


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