September 26, 2007

New Mariusnet Website

The fine folks over at Mariusnet have just redesigned their website. The redesign merges the old Mythforums website with Mariusnet as well as adding a new clean interface. I never really understood why those were 2 different sites with different logins, so merging tham makes me happy.

You can find the site at

Some of the new features include:

   *  Existing Accounts - You can log in immediately with your existing Mariusnet metaserver username & password. No need to register again
   * New Accounts - the web accounts here and your game server accounts are one and the same. If you register an account here, the server account is automatically created. If you change your password here, it changes on the game server.
   * Clan - All Clan management functions have been moved here. Creating, Leaving or Joining a clan has never been easier. Just start a clan and send out some Clan Invitations. Joining a clan is as simple as the click of a button on your invitation.
   * Plugins Center - Has been moved here from MythForums and it has been given some updated functionality. I expect this to receive still further updates.

I hope this will help encourage people to move from Playmyth to Mariusnet. It's a great server, and now easier than ever to setup an account.

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