February 8, 2007

The Tain & Myth II 1.6 Ship

Project Magma is proud to announce a new update of Bungie's classic addictive real-time tactical game, Myth II: Soulblighter along with The Tain a file hosting archive dedicated to the “Myth” series.

Myth II version 1.6, adds native MacOS X map making tools along with a Universal Binary for OS X. Not to be left out the Windows version received some modernization that drastically cut down startup times, allows the game to be played in a window, and shares the CPU better with other tasks.

The Tain is a moderated file hosting site for the Myth and a central site for the community to find and download plugins, updates, and tools for the entire Myth series.

So head on over to TheTain.net, grab Myth II 1.6, then play Myth and have fun.

Posted by tarouszars Comments(1)

I feel that you need comments, thus I am leaving one. I am extremely happy that someone somewhere is still supporting this game. It's just too good to let go. It's nearly 10 years old and still trumps new arrivals into the RTS domain including Wc3. So thanks.

Posted by: Curator at February 13, 2007 23:02:49
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