November 29, 2006

CoOp Tournament

From Tireces =IX=

"Men of bravery and warriors of renown I summon you! The first team CoOperative Tournament is here! Sharpen your swords, fill your quivers, and prepare your most devastating spells to join the battle against the Dark on three Myth II levels: Two classics that you know and you love plus a new tournament edition of a recently released great map.

For more info visit [url] then gather and register your unstoppable team on tourney dedicated forum.

You may ask "Is it worth all of our blood that will be spilled, all the widows we will leave behind?" Aye, I say. Those who will survive will be rewarded with a Myth Artifacts of great power (myth related prizes) and with it place in the Hall of Fame for all eternity!

Registration starts 1 December 2006.

"For Honor, for Myth ! To arms !!!"

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