August 17, 2006

August and Everything After

Myth and the website are still running strong despite the lack of news updates. I've recently added a forum to the site, to try and keep track of all the hiding MA's. Anyone else is welcome to post. As with most things on this site, I mostly put it in there to see if I could.

Myth World Cup is over. It seems The Northern Paladins  won. I might be excited if I actually knew who they were. It amazes me how much of the community is segregated by the ranked/unranked line. My team did horrible and ended up forfeiting. I expected the horrible, but not the forfeit. Hopefully we can do better next year. Despite the losses (we did have 1 win which was very exhilarating) we had tons of fun.

It seems I've also been using skype a lot recently. It is a pretty fun way to play myth. If you have skype and are ever in a game with me, just hollar and we can get a conference going.

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Good job on keeping this site up.  A boon to the mything community. Thank you- RF

Posted by: RaggedFeather at October 15, 2006 22:59:24
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I have skype.

Posted by: Death's Avatar at August 17, 2006 16:21:48
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