May 8, 2006

MWC 2006 Registration has opened

From the [url=]MWC06 Website.

We have opened registration today, like you probably knew already. The registration will stay open for three weeks or until we reach the ideal amount of teams, so sign up already! We have a whopping 1000$ grand prize this year, but make sure you check out our other prizes as well. We have made some exciting changes to the old mwc formula, such as balanced out scoring system, changed fallback time and hopefully more accurate threat assessments.

The site will be improved further before the tournament starts, but most of the essential stuff is already working.

Let's make this tournament a good one, folks!

Should be interesting. Hopefully it works better than last year's did. I'm guessing the prize money should be decent motivation for that.

They've set it up so you can just use your PlayMyth username and password which is pretty sweet. Helps prevent posers as well as making login quick and easy.

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