August 7, 2005

The Seventh God Myth II Solos

For those of you who have tried to play the Myth II Solo maps while using
the TSG Tagset, you may have noticed that you often get owned quite badly
on many levels.  This plugin remedies the ownage issue on many maps,
as well fixing scripting problems caused by TSG units.  This plugin also
incorporates many TSG units which would not otherwise appear in the solo
levels, including Warlocks of Frost and Elven Archers.

All of the levels contained in this plugin are beatable (in case you were
wondering), and they should all play without problem, and I personally
played through the whole campaign on Legendary to make sure of it.

Grab it <a href="">Here</a>

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Thanks, whoever updated this. Didn't know people still played :)

Posted by: Ares at January 19, 2006 14:04:44
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