May 9, 2005

Myth Addicts Mapmaking Resources

Inspired by some comments at the Project Magma forums I decide to make a resource for map makers. You can see it by clicking Mapmaking Resources in the Navigation menu.

It's purpose is to allow a map maker to find individual items that may be useful for their map. Be it a colormap, a unit, a model, an artifact, or even just a really cool Magical attack. It's pretty slim right now, mostly with bungie items. But I hope to see it grow soon.

If you have created something for a map that you think may be useful for others, get it uploaded here.

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ups I posted the comment in the wrong place here it goes again:

this idea promotes mapmakers, new and old ones too.
it rocks!

Posted by: carlinho7 at May 12, 2005 23:23:43
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off to a good start

Posted by: Shadow at May 9, 2005 17:46:12
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