March 9, 2005

Creation's "The Seventh God" officially updated to v1.4

From Playmyth

This is an official update to The Seventh God for use with Myth2 v1.4 or higher thanks to the hard work of Lothar and Ghost?.

This update should replace any previous versions of The Seventh God.

Download TSG v1.4 via <a href="">The Seventh God's</a>, or <a href="">Creation Games</a> websites.

Creation appreciates and acknowledges the work done by Lothar and Ghost? to produce this update and has accepted this update as a logical "official update" of their original The Seventh God release.

Originally available with the Myth2: Worlds Game CD released by TakeTwo, Creation's "The Seventh God" currently continues to reign as the largest and most expansive add-on ever produced for Myth2: Soulblighter. Featuring a entirely custom story, and characters set in a previously unseen new world, The Seventh God set new standards for Myth2 3rd party mod-making on many fronts. The finished free downloadable project consists of 18 solo levels allowing you to control and fight against over twenty new characters. Also included are a selection of original multiplayer maps specifically designed for use with The Seventh God units. The goal of this project is to expand the Myth world into an unknown land. You'll be controlling a new set of characters who find themselves struggling to overcome an invading force led by the controlling Disciples of the Seventh God.
TSG 1.4 Can also be found in our coops section

Posted by tarouszars Comments(4)

Costas, I'm assuming you tried both links on this page? If neither worked, give me a week. i'm moving and will have a new internet conne ction. It should be much faster, and hopefully work better for you.

Posted by: tarouszars at May 9, 2005 16:52:32
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i cannot d/l it , it stops at about 7.5 Mb . i tried numerous times dont know what is happening!!

Posted by: Costas at May 8, 2005 12:56:21
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Wow... thanks guys. I haven't even had Myth installed on my computer for years. It's good to know that the project that consumed my senior year of high school, into which I put about a thousand hours of work, is being kept alive :) I was Ares, btw.

Posted by: Argyrios at April 6, 2005 11:12:04
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Please enjoy it guys--It took a lot of hard work by many people, and we're all happy that it could be rereleased! ;D Thanks for downloading!

Posted by: Lothar at March 11, 2005 10:57:54
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