February 26, 2005

Myth : Freedom II - The East

A 10 level solo campaign by Clan McCoolness.

5th February 2005, 1:12:12 PM, Perth Australia time.
(It's my birthday today!)

We're a big family.
It so turns out that not only have a lot of kids grown up in the family backyard, but those kids are now bringing up kids of their own - and as uncle to these little punks, I have to spend a lot of time looking after them.
My whole life I've wasted time inventing silly games to play requiring little more than a stick and an active imagination. So it turned out that when my nephew Solomon began to walk and talk and whatnot... we invented a game based on Braveheart. It was called 'Freedom'.
It's grown exponentially, and we've had dozens of really fun storylines (and some not-so-great ones). It really does marry all kinds of influences - more than I can count. To give you some idea though: Braveheart, Warcraft, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars (he once cried out "It's all Scotty's fault, he's jealous, he's holding me back!), Harry Potter (most unsuccessfully, Emmy tried to make me a wizard. I laughed at her) Highlander... then there's Myth of course.

Believe it or not, after all these years and the fact that I now have facial hair and a bank account, I still play this game with the kids! Another young baby (my niece Ruby) is advancing the Freedom tradition, and still we run around our palatial back yard and wave sticks in mid air, pretending we're taking out orcs.

In the latter half of 2003, after Freedom had notched up 240 downloads at The Mill, I figured I owed it to the people who wasted all that (13 gig's worth of) bandwidth that I make a 2nd, technically better Freedom campaign. It would not be a remake, but a sequel. I've been making it on and off since then, in between sleeping, guitar playing and movie-making. Every now and then I get a lot of work done over a fortnight, then forget about it for a while. It turns out that on this most recent burst of activity, I've pretty much finished it - so it's time for the readme.

As before, I'm really making this with my 7 year old nephew in mind. However, I've tried to bring this one up in quality, so that older folk may play it without cringing at how bad it is.
More info on Freedom I can be found <a href="/description.php?map_id=42">here</a>.
More info on Freedom II can be found <a href="/description.php?map_id=46">here</a>.

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Thankyou so much, Clan McCoolness owes you a drink man!

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