January 26, 2005

JINN for Myth II 1.5 is now online!

From Phex

If you dont know what JINN is: JINN is a total conversion for Myth II created by VistaCartel back in 2001. It takes place in a desert world with a strange and dense atmosphere. To create this atmosphere, JINN makes unique use of models and complex map design in combination with a moving story. As the original JINN used a laborious installation technique that is not supported by v1.5 anymore, this recreation makes it possible to play JINN with up-to-date Myth versions.

I did not touch the gameplay at all while porting the old JINN plugin, but included a unit-mod in the tagset that replaces regular units with JINN units. I have to mention that this change does not work for all solo maps and can sometimes be unbalanced, but altogether its just for fun Smile. I did not include the interface graphics either, as they are not available for all the new dialogs and resolutions. There may be an interface patch later.

A copyright information honoring all the original developers is included.

If there are any bugs i did not recognize, please contact me.

Have fun with JINN, Very Happy
- Phex.</blockquote>
Those files are now available in our <a href="/coops.php?author=Vista%20Cartel">Coop Maps</a> Section

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