January 22, 2005

Myth II 1.5.1 and Myth TFL 1.5 Public Betas Released!

From Project Magma

Project Magma is proud to announce the release of the <a href="http://projectmagma.net/myth2.html">Myth II 1.5.1 Public Beta</a> and <a href="http://projectmagma.net/myth_tfl.html">Myth: TFL 1.5 public beta</a>, along with two contests to help us promote the Myth games to the outside world and a new carbonized version of Loathing map editor.

Myth II 1.5.1 Public Beta
The Myth II 1.5.1 Public Beta is the latest and most advanced version of Myth II. Some highlights include a new 'autohost' feature enabling a computer to host a list of games without a person being present, OpenGL rendering with the Windows operating system, and numerous bug fixes.

Myth: TFL 1.5 Public Beta
The Myth: TFL 1.5 Public Beta features OpenGL rendering for OSX, and 1.3 film playback, among other changes.

Beta Testing
Project Magma wants to have these updates tested thoroughly to make sure there are no bugs present when the final versions are released. We truly appreciate the help of the Myth community with this critical process. To report problems with the Public Betas, please use the Bug Tracker located on each project's page.

Press Release Contest
Project Magma is planning a big PR push to accompany the final release of Myth II 1.5.1, and We need some great films of Gimble in the Wabe and screenshots of Myth II in general. Check out their <a href="http://projectmagma.net/pr_contest.shtml">contest page</a> for details.</blockquote>

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