Emonds Field

Tarous Zars

TZ's Emonds Field


This map is Emonds Field by Tarous Zars. It is very loosely based on an event that happened in The Shadow Rising, book 4 of The Wheel of Time.

Story from wikipedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perrin_Aybara

After Rand, Perrin's childhood friend, conquered the Stone of Tear and was declared the Dragon Reborn, Perrin heard rumours that the Children of the Light had been terrorizing the Two Rivers. They were actually trying to get Rand to return, but Perrin did it instead, bringing Loial, Faile and their Aiel friends Gaul, Bain and Chiad. After a harrowing passage through the Ways, they arrived at Emond's Field to find Perrin's family dead, and not only Whitecloaks but Trollocs in the area. While the Two Rivers folk waffled, Perrin took charge, not because he wanted to be in charge but because he knew what to do. He united the Two Rivers region and repelled both forces.


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hey are you not the guy who made 'your.name.here.alpha'? if so i love that map, man! when are you going to make the whole myth solo work with that unit and his summoned army? i would pay to see that! please make the whole myth solo with that unit but you will have to make him able to summon a few more bad guy skeletons. i love 'your.name.here'!!!!!!!

Posted by: Bowla at September 20, 2006 10:23:40
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I never got around to making a readme because this map is still in beta. I really need to do so. Credit is due all those whose resources I've used. However the mesh used in this map is not from To Kill a Mocking Bird, it is from Sleepy Hollow by Thoran. More Info about that map can be found here.

Posted by: tarouszars at September 3, 2006 18:41:31
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Please make sure and give credit to 'King Friday' and 'Terra Incognit' for using their map 'To Kill a Mockingbird'.

Posted by: John at September 3, 2006 14:36:38
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