Heroes of Coop


Heroes Of Coop


Heroes of Co-op was originally based on a "what if..." concept.
What if every co-op map in Myth only had about 5-8 hero units instead of the average 10-20 normal units. A few features include: New interface and player icons, dripping blood, bouncy rolling heads and the ability for all units to throw small objects.
  • Warrior: special attack is a reflexive shield, great for blocking most thrown object if you time it right. If the warrior has a satchel and you use special he will create a fire arrow for the archer.
  • Bezerk: has an invisible mana bar...he starts off with about 10 power swings and then goes to regular attack until he refills his mana using the special attack...which is a reflexive taunting mana booster.
  • Warlock: can use special attack to confuse units by clicking on them or use Teleport by clicking on the ground.
  • Deceiver: can control any living units (except main characters and large myrk).
  • Bowman: starts with one puss arrow and his regular 4 fire arrows. Puss arrow is always shot first.
All of the melee units have a rush attack and all units can pick up and throw small objects (like satchel charges, empty bottles, puss packs..ect).
Heroes of Co-op may be the leading contender for "most betas ever" and has been a progressing plugin that I really don't see being finalized any time soon now that 1.5 has been released.

Players can look forward to a whole new interface and a few adjustments on the abilities of the heroes...IE some units will actually start off with the ability to switch attacks such as the bowman starting with 4 different arrow types and the duff being able to pick up mortar duff gear and actually become a mortar dwarf.


From myth.atvcowboy.com Magma-HoC_B7.zip
From hl.udogs.net Magma-HoC_B7.zip


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