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This two level mini-campaign begins with the 7th Legion's arrival at the plain of Scales, deep in enemy territory. Their only hope of success was in the element of surprise, for their force numbered less than that of Cruniac's, which had just been decimated by Soulblighter.

The levels abound with a unique and oppressive atmosphere as the story unfolds before your eyes. The fighting is amongst the toughest you'll face as you switch from desperate defence to frantic pursuit, to cautious attack and final confrontation.


Very nice story and excellent flow and gameplay. It has the right amount of difficulty so 2 scenarios are avoided (as in you don't feel cheap for beating it and you don't feel cheated for losing). Highly orignal and one of the best Myth maps I've played. I give it 9/10.

Posted by: Lugas at January 3, 2007 15:58:34
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