WWII Titans-Mythical Solos-Units 1.0

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This Plugin includes WWII_Units_(c)CG_v1_0 and Mythical Solos

World War II: Titans introduces a fantastic new element to WWII battles: Mechanized Armored Cavalry. The tanks of Titans are the size of German Tiger II's or Russian T-100's, and the ground shakes when their main guns fire. The realism and accuracy of the graphics and animation draws you instantly into the action, immersing you in one of the greatest World War II action games ever. Just as Recon introduced completely new tactics to Myth, the tanks of Titans further revolutionize gameplay. In addition to the run-stop-fire-run tactics of tank warfare, Titans includes infantry with a more varied arsenal, including flamethrowers, different types of mines, and new, surprising uses for high explosives.