Legend of Gor-Ash

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Legend of Gor-Ash will exceed anything we've ever done before. It is almost a Total Conversion. The fir'Bolg, your enemies, have been totally remodeled, and stocked with more weapons than just a bow and arrow. Now, Huntsmen armed with spears and leading brown wolves into battle, and fir'Bolg Mercenaries armed with swords and shields will attack you and defend their general from your onslaught. In addition to bre'Unor and grey wolves, you will wield what many have called simply the coolest new unit ever to be put into the Myth2 engine - a wicked-looking bre'Unor shaman with a primary magic attack and a special ability healing. Gor-Ash, the leader of the bre'Unor, has also been given an all-new look.