JINN Mappack

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This download contains the JINN Mappack. The JINN Tagset is required for this plugin.

JINN is a total conversion for Myth II created by VistaCartel back in 2001. It takes place in a desert world with a strange and dense atmosphere. To create this atmosphere, JINN makes unique use of models and complex map design in combination with a moving story.


I'd go so far as to say it's one of the *three* best, along with Seventh God and Chimera.  Has the same dark, gritty feel as TFL, in spite of the different setting.

Posted by: A-Red at October 29, 2006 19:19:29
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Be sure to download this! One of the best 10 plugins ever made in my opinion!

Posted by: Phex at September 27, 2005 16:05:10
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