The Soldiers of Tyr - (aka TSoT)

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Included in this package are:
A six level solo campaign with a fairly detailed plot line and all loosely based around the 'Hero' type levels which are my absolute favourite.
Three brand new meshes from Alpha, one refaced Bungie mesh from Dozer and two slightly modified Bungie meshes from Xap.
Some unique never before seen scripting.
Randomized Lighting as seen on Level 4.
Some special Indoor scripting that makes it so you cant see over walls (although this does have its flaws) on Level 5 & 6


This plugin is fun. It has some VERY hard levels. Kelnic and I must have played 100 games on the lagoon level, and we still haven't beaten it on legendary.

Even though its hard, most levels have pretty good replayability. However, it's easy to die fast on Some levels like the one where you storm the keep. I found this slightly annoying. If the duff didn't play it just right, game is over in under 30 seconds. Do that 10 games in a row, and you may be fed up with that level.

Overall I give this 4 out of 5. Its fun, most levels have great replay value, and its not too easy. I would reccomend this plugin to any Big fan of coop.

Posted by: tarouszars at August 25, 2005 11:31:06
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