Throne of the Lich King

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If you like hack and slash bloodbaths, this map is NOT for you. The Lich King's crypt is full of puzzles and traps for the unwary. A casual stroll through it's halls will bring swift and sudden death. You must be keen of sight and hearing and you must pay attention to your surroundings to gather the clues that will lead you through the seemingly "impossible" situations you will face. Acerak is counting on your frustration to turn it against you. However, you can turn the traps and even the monsters on Lich King, but only if you are of superior intelligence. Welcome to the Throne of the Lich King. Please try to enjoy your stay, for in all probability, it will be an eternal one.


Hey i was wondering if you can help me with a question. I consider myself a myth 2 master. I have had this game ever since it came out. Actually i own all of the myth titles. But Myth 2 is by far my favorite. I have beaten majority all of the solo co/op maps. All but one. And it is Throne of the Lich King. I cannot seem to beat this map so i was wondering if you had any documentation on how to beat it, and where can i obtain this information. Video or etc....

Posted by: Brian at November 16, 2010 15:53:46
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