The Seventh God v1.4

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This is an official update to The Seventh God for use with Myth2 v1.4 or higher thanks to the hard work of Lothar and Ghost?.

This update should replace any previous versions of The Seventh God.

The Seventh God is an ambitious add-on for Myth2: Soulblighter. That consists of 18 solo levels allowing you to control and fight against over twenty new characters. The goal of this project was to expand the Myth world into an unknown land. You'll be controlling a new set of characters who find themselves struggling to overcome an invading force led by the controlling Disciples of the Seventh God.


Where can I download this?  I couldn't finish it on feeble last time.  It got corrupted and now I can't run it(maybe prob with 1.6 myth 2 patch?) It ROCKED!!!   All one has to do is write more levels for myth 2, I mean seriously, anyone who wrote another 100 levels I would spend 100$ on the CD in a ehartbeat.  MYth 2 domiantes.  I play the great library, the wall, and the stair of grief on legendary all day long. Seriously I will chip in 20,000 for anyone who wants to do a startup making 100 new myth2 leevl a year and sellign the disc for 100$ us.

Posted by: Gavin at February 25, 2007 18:06:48
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The best thing ever made for this game.  Ever.

Posted by: A-Red at October 29, 2006 19:21:45
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TSG is exciting, good-looking, and has an excellent story. And that's just the way I like it!

Posted by: Lugas at June 10, 2006 15:12:47
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Be sure to download this! One of the best 10 plugins ever made in my opinion!

Posted by: Phex at September 27, 2005 16:02:45
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