The Siege 2

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The Siege 2
Now that White Falls has been captured, Alric and the Legion know that there will be an attack by Soulblighter.
Keep Alric alive at all costs.


that cheat works well. its kinda obvious, i dont think anyone would be dumb enough to miss that one.   its strange, the units dont even see you even after you blow up the first line!

Posted by: antiochus at July 29, 2008 13:22:30
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Extremely cheap way to win. When you start move everyone by the fire to the fort. then move alric to get the dreams to the left. then attack the army by the boat like this: hit the rightmost fetch,this will kill most of the fetch and all mauls, then hit the first row of soulless the rightmost again, this will probobly wipe out the krids, thrall, krid giants, and the other soulless. Finally if some of the fetch are still alive use it on them.

Posted by: wassupimviet at July 26, 2006 10:36:21
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Extremely cheap. Dont expect much from this plugin.

Posted by: Phex at September 27, 2005 16:34:52
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