The Journey Continues

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This map was an experiment in map making gone seriously overboard. I have managed to overload Loathing on numerous occasions, and have spent the past few months working ferverishly with new friends, burning the midnight oil (literally), to get this "experiment", completed and running as intended.

You can look forward to: A HUGE Mesh to play on. 2304 X 1536, Well stocked with your favorite, and some not so favorite monsters, Random monster generation, And much more that I think will keep you entertained and playing `til you beat it.


It's hard.  Very hard.  So much infact I cry on Legendary.

Posted by: Robo at November 26, 2006 20:55:12
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This used to crash me a lot reloading saved games.  I don't know if it still does with the newer patches, but frankly it was rather tedious.

Posted by: A-Red at October 29, 2006 19:22:56
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I no recomend it.
Much bugs on map

Posted by: Hamurabi at September 24, 2006 11:12:09
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