Taleisin Downs

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This map was built with 3 specifics things in mind to start. First, we had the Dwarven Airship done, after discussing it for a year, and just had to put it on a map. Secondly, I wanted to do a dark marshy looking map. And lasty I wanted to build a map with 2 player in mind. Yeah, yeah I know FFA is fun, but if you have a FFA map, then do a mesh with 2, it just isn't the same. Weeks later, Malek comes on board and jumps on the Solo. I said "just do a simple defend the middle". Malek of course goes way beyond that and does this incredible world knot solo. The enemy dorfs, even have to put the world knot together for you. Preety cool. At


average map with o.k skripting
speshal fx = new unit: fech pestess
overall rating = 6 1/2

Posted by: mapmaster at September 22, 2005 04:30:56
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