Morte Della Luna

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Player gets Gorlan, a warlock hero, Gorlan's apprentice, warriors, archers, and a dwarves... the enemy includes over 300 Undead units... a VERY fun mesh despite being designed for multi-player! There are no tremendously Evil surprises about the programming... just think Willow Creek combined with Down a Broken Path & you'll be fine, but the skeletons can be very nasty & there are ALOT of nasties thrown your way.

If you usually play on Legendary, start playing this on Normal. If you normally play on Normal, start this on Timid. If you usually play Timid... this mesh is not for you. It is VERY HARD


The description really does not do this map justice. This is one of my favorite solo maps, next to Lord Goda's castle. The sequencing of enemy attacks really does a lot for improving your skill set.

Posted by: princepawn at August 18, 2008 03:11:27
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