Path of the Damned

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Path of the Damned is a solo set on the mesh of 'Down a Broken Path,' and is Teepens' first complete map (including the best mono-instrumental music you'll hear!) that he made in late 2000. It involves you going down the same path previously trekked, with new surprises at every corner. This map includes various numbers of enemies (from 200 to 500 depending on difficulty), a bio-degrader, a storyline set in the Unfought Battles of Myth II (UBoM2) theme, and some pretty heavy scripting for the time it was made (over 400 Map Actions). This is a hard map when played on the highest difficulty, as an objective in the map is to always keep all the starting ten soldiers alive throughout the entire game; no more are ever passed out, and they're key for this 'possible' storyline, after The Summoner, to continue on.


Thats actually a V-2. ;)

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